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Your website is the first point of contact for your business in a digital world. It presents all your best features to the world and offers 24/7 access for new and existing customers.

Tagline Design can work with you to ensure your online presence is unique and designed to work for yours and your customers needs. Your site will incorporate search engine optimisation techniques to ensure your customers can find you easily.

A well thought out web vision and strategy can deliver great savings in time and money, and a good website will pay for itself over and over.

Standards based design means that your site will be suitable for many years to come, and will be able to take advantage of new technologies as they emerge.

What is a website
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“Your website is the first point of contact for your business in a digital world.”

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Standard Websites

There are two distinct types of website to consider. You can opt for a straight forward site that has anywhere from a couple of pages through to 20 pages of content. The content is likely to change infrequently.

Content Management

The other popular type of site is a content management system which would typically have more than 10 pages, and the content would change frequently.


Your website must be designed and created in conjunction with the web accessability guidelines in order that your website can be viewed by groups with special accessibility requirements. This is now required by law. .

Fully hosted Packages start from just £225

inclusive of Domain name rental and hosting for 12 months.

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